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Why Pink Siren Sports?

There are so many different things to do, places to ride, groups to ride with, rides to participate in here in Miami and elsewhere that it might beg the question why should a female rider want to join the Pink Siren Sports Cycling Team over one of the MANY other groups?  As co-founders of Pink Siren Sports it is a question that we find easy to answer, but that is only because we are so intimately tied to the team.  We believe it is important to let everyone know what being a part of Pink Siren Sports is REALLY all about.
Many people when looking to join a team, ask “what are the weekly rides?” and “what events does the team put on or participate in?” or  “do you get discounts at bike shops?” etc.  Oftentimes if the potential member doesn’t think they can make the rides, doesn’t want to take part in the events the team chooses, or doesn’t like the “good deals” they will get as a part of joining a team–they don’t join. This is where Pink Siren Sports and what we offer so greatly differs…