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Order Online - 2018 Women's & Men's Cycling KIT

It's official - our Members Rock!   We can't wait to continue to spread the Pink Siren Song and want you to Join Us! 

Our 2018 custom designed Pearl Izumi Kit for Women is AMAZING and our awesome Sponsors are so supportive of our mission they were cool with keeping all logos off the Kit.

Online Stores are Open Until December 18th.
To Order Women's Pink Siren 2018 Cycling Gear 
Click on: Pink Siren's Online Shop
Enter ACCESS CODE: #pinkupthevolume

A Women's Jersey and Bib must be in cart in order to check out. The design for the Jersey, Bib, Baggie MTB Shorts are finalized and in the shop. The remaining items will be custom designed with the Pink Siren Style we all LOVE!

For Men, Click on: Pink Siren Supporter Shop
Enter ACCESS CODE #pinkupthevolume
Jersey and Bib must be in the cart in order to check out.  

The New 2018 PSS Supporter Kit design above is not quite finalized and it does resemble the women's kit but it will NOT have the confetti, will be slightly darker ve…

Susan G. Komen Miami Ft. Lauderdale's 2017 Race for the Cure

On Saturday, October 14th, for the 4th year the Pink Siren Cycling Team was invited to Lead Out the runners and walkers in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Bayfront Park, Downtown Miami.
A beautiful day to be part of a mission to end breast cancer. Many Pink Sirens are survivors of breast cancer or have a friend or relative that has fought the disease. We are always inspired by the courage all the women (and men) who walk or run for a cure.

Core to our mission is living a healthy lifestyle and supporting organizations like Susan G. Komen dedicated to saving lives, quality care for all and funding science to find a cure.  
Founder of Susan G Komen, Nancy Brinker at the start line of the Race for the Cure. A women who has made a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

Why Pink Siren Sports?

There are so many different things to do, places to ride, groups to ride with, rides to participate in here in Miami and elsewhere that it might beg the question why should a female rider want to join the Pink Siren Sports Cycling Team over one of the MANY other groups?  As co-founders of Pink Siren Sports it is a question that we find easy to answer, but that is only because we are so intimately tied to the team.  We believe it is important to let everyone know what being a part of Pink Siren Sports is REALLY all about.
Many people when looking to join a team, ask “what are the weekly rides?” and “what events does the team put on or participate in?” or  “do you get discounts at bike shops?” etc.  Oftentimes if the potential member doesn’t think they can make the rides, doesn’t want to take part in the events the team chooses, or doesn’t like the “good deals” they will get as a part of joining a team–they don’t join. This is where Pink Siren Sports and what we offer so greatly differs…