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Join Us!

Our club members have an interest in cycling, improving their skills as a cyclist, and a commitment to healthy lifestyle.  We encourage all women who ride and want to ride with fellow women, learn about riding from a women’s perspective and wish to elevate the sport of women’s cycling on a local and national level to JOIN.  And, of course, wear the most stylish and exclusive cycling kit for women on the road – a new “look” every year! 

Our grass roots movement has expanded outside of Florida – we now have club leaders in Washington, DC/VA area!  But don’t let those locations deter you from joining if you are not in “close” proximity.  Many Pink Siren Sports Members live abroad – Brazil to Germany, all are welcomed!

If interested in joining our group or just getting a sweet custom kit, fill out our contact card and keep an eye out for our shopping cart!

Supporting Members:  Our supporting members are men that wish to support women’s racing and cycling in our community and nationally via our racing team members with their sponsorship.  This exclusive group is usually avid cyclists themselves, demonstrating a commitment to cycling and the sport.  We welcome them to join us in various Pink Siren group rides, charity rides and special events.  Our supporting members have a specifically designed men’s kit and you too can be a Supporter!!
The Pink Sirens strive to push women's athletics, specifically cycling, even further by supporting elite women racers, grooming developmental riders, and teaching the community at large that the sport of cycling is more than a sport. Cycling for women means freedom; it means empowerment.