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Why Pink Siren Sports?

There are so many different things to do, places to ride, groups to ride with, rides to participate in here in Miami and elsewhere that it might beg the question why should a female rider want to join the Pink Siren Sports Cycling Team over one of the MANY other groups?  As co-founders of Pink Siren Sports it is a question that we find easy to answer, but that is only because we are so intimately tied to the team.  We believe it is important to let everyone know what being a part of Pink Siren Sports is REALLY all about.
Many people when looking to join a team, ask “what are the weekly rides?” and “what events does the team put on or participate in?” or  “do you get discounts at bike shops?” etc.  Oftentimes if the potential member doesn’t think they can make the rides, doesn’t want to take part in the events the team chooses, or doesn’t like the “good deals” they will get as a part of joining a team–they don’t join.
This is where Pink Siren Sports and what we offer so greatly differs from any other team.
When you join Pink Siren Sports you become a member of a MUCH larger movement.  The movement we are talking about is one to bring REAL support and attention to women’s cycling, racing and sports.  We look to EMPOWER you on the bike and provide a welcoming community of female athletes dedicated to the cause of women’s athletics.  We help each and every one of our members train, plan, and have fun on the bike–no matter what your level.   If you are a female rider  who is passionate about cycling and women’s sport and know how hard it can be for a woman to make a name for herself in athletics–you NEED to be a Pink Siren! 
We have an amazing membership of strong women, and without our members we would not be able to do our part for women’s sports.  We offer a lot to our members:  if your bike fit is bad/needs tweaking–we will tell you (and give you recommendations of who to see about fixing the problem), if you have saddle issues–we have suggestions on what might work, if you want to get new gear from bike to bibs–we provide unbiased answers, if your bike needs a tune up–we tell you and teach you how to service it (hosting clinics periodically throughout the year), if you have questions about women’s specific cycling issues– with a large and growing membership of women of all levels, chances are good we have a member who can help you find your answer, embarrassed because you don’t know what a “crit” is–we will teach you, and, obviously, if you want to race–we will guide you!

When you become a member of Pink Siren Sports, you are also doing your part to spread word about the fight against cancer.  For the past 5 years, we have the partnered with Susan G Komen for the Cure Miami/Ft Lauderdale affiliate at their annual Race for the Cure Walk/Run Event.  Leading the runners and walkers from the start line on our bikes – we want to help make a difference by showing our support and also giving financially to the fight against breast cancer. 

By increasing our membership with women who are passionate about cycling and female athletics (you do not need to be the BEST cyclist out there, just a cyclist who is passionate) we are able to get more of our team kits on the road, which increases our visibility, and brings more attention to our mission.
Essentially, you are making a difference and we want you to join us and  #pinkupthevolume
Heather and Duffy
Pink Siren Sports